Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Inaugural Muster

Lots of work over recent weeks is all coming to a head as we prepare for our first official shindig as a new organization.  Here's a little bit about what to expect:

1.  Yes, I know the address hasn't been posted.

It's being held at the O'Brien home in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, VA.  Dan and Phelicia have a great workshop and plenty of space.  It's where we're going to do a big chunk of our work as an organization.  It's also their home, so we won't be publishing their address.  That said, we will ensure everyone going has it.  If you need it please sing out.

2.  April 27, 2024.  Sign-ins start at 1500.

Many people will be there early, and some will stay late.  Do what works for you.

3.  We've got people coming in from all over.

The new NHS includes people from several groups.  Of course most are veteran Sailors and Marines.  But not just Navy and Marine Corps.  The Merchant Marine and USCG will be amply represented.  They're coming from all over Virginia and as far away as New York, New Hampshire, Alabama, Florida and even Washington State.  Accommodations are plentiful, so touch base with locals if you need a place to hang your seabag.

4.  If you can't make it in person, you can still sign aboard.

We all agree that members will be able to sign aboard those not in attendance, by proxy.  Find someone going and make sure they know they have your proxy if you want in.

5.  Yes, there will be food and drink.  Look who's coming - of course it's going to be a great time!  Dan and Phelicia put on a good spread but prepare to pitch in for pot-luck.  I'd expect at least a modicum of coordination on this via Facebook in the days before the event.

6.  We are all signing in as new members, in a new organization.  

Same name, really similar mission, but totally new entity.  This is the ground floor, and since no leadership is established, let alone membership policy, it's going to happen as a group of friends, colleagues and shipmates coming together to establish it.  The new charter has been drafted, and is available to review here.  Pending any last minute changes, it'll go out for signature at 1500.  And as we each sign it, and sign aboard, we become the first members - the plankowners.

Now, actually signing in is important.  As hands sign aboard, we'll receive our assigned number and become official members, therefore becoming infinitesimally higher in stature than non-members.  And just like entering into any other domain sailors inhabit, they might create some slight 'impediments' (albeit friendly, good natured ones) for those behind.  Because when it first goes out, it's just a place to sign.  But once there are members to supervise, they might start 'testing' the hands coming in.  So break out those Reef Points, MUG Books, deep rate knowledge, and movie trivia - and prepare to batter your way through the proverbial wall if you're not among the first to sign aboard.

7.  All of our stuff will be there.  From pikes, cutlasses and muskets to boats, guns and uniforms - it'll all be there.  Why?  Because we will need to make and buy a lot more, and these should give you an idea of what we'll be shooting for.  It also gives us lots to play with and talk about.

8.  We will be electing officers.  Per our Charter, we need a board of five people to run things.  We will elect them together as members.

9.  We may organize some presentations Some slide shows and Q&A about how we plan to do what we plan to do.

10.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REACH OUT.  Lots here ready to bear a hand.



Anonymous said...

What say ye? I think ye do look brave. Will ye splice hands on it? Steward, go draw the great measure of grog!

Will King said...

Mind the grog... it tends to have a sting