Monday, April 5, 2010

A busy week has begun

My plans for a series on Great Lakes naval actions in the War of 1812 will have to wait - this week is turning into one of the busiest we've had at the Dockyard. But I will revisit the subject when time allows. Regular readers (assuming there are any) should expect spotty coverage this week - I'll have more time after sea trials this weekend.

This past weekend we had a great deal of activity despite the holiday. The boat gear was broken out and aired in preparation for the Monomoy Pulling Boat's first launch of the season - coming up next Sunday, and all of the safety gear is being overhauled. Every life jacket (PFD) was washed, aired, chemlight changed and connected to the vest via lanyard with a whistle - the old chemlights having expired in February. Good thing the new ones made it in and were put in the right place!

The signal kit is being overhauled, with a scheduled search and rescue transponder (SART) test this Wednesday, after we replace the battery (no easy thing). The flares are likewise all being changed out, and the lights are all being tested. New emergency ration packs are being made up of new material, including new water packets. Note to volunteers: emergency rations are not for general consumption - they are not snack food. I stopped counting the number of pilfered packs at 40. From now on, it's serious.

The leach of the sail is being re-roped after a few last minute alterations to the sail were made - that should be done by Thursday. Reef nettles were added this weekend and a few badly made cringles replaced.

And of course, last but not least, we'll be painting the legendary racing stripe this Saturday.

So, time being short, come on down and help with the last minute preparations as we ready for our first launching of the season. See you in the Dockyard!


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