Monday, October 3, 2011

A productive start to the week

The Hornet team is making a round of presentations this week to key influencers.  Our new promotional material is rolling out and we wanted to have a chance to put it out to a select group before it made it available to the public.  The first of these just wrapped up, having gone quite well.  To be honest, I'm a little excited that things went so smoothly, despite a few not-so-well-placed comments and reassurances that I didn't need to make.

No, I won't say who it was with.  But I will say that it was rather close to home, which made things all the more shaky for me.  For some reason I always feel more comfortable presenting to total strangers - and the meetings seem to run better.  I know I'm definately more astute in conversation when I know the person I'm talking to isn't looking right through me.  A good rule of thumb to follow - that I need to start paying more attention to - is when you get what you want shut up.  Oh well, live and learn.

But here I am going on about my own uneasiness and what you're really looking for is what's going on now.  The long and short of it is, things are moving in a positive direction, and we continue to make progress.  More will follow as things solidify, so stay posted.


Our 1:12 scale mock-up of Hornet, affectionately dubbed 'Mini-Hornet' is headed back to the US Fleet Forces Command atrium.  She'll still make the rounds of various venues as we need her to, but we've had an offer to put the model on display and it seems better than keeping her in her crate.  More on that to follow, soon.  (I just keep putting you off, don't I?)


This week's Wednesday night working session at the Dockyard has been cancelled, but we are looking to assemble a working party this coming Saturday from 1100-1600.  If you're available to assist, shoot an email to



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