Thursday, December 8, 2011

California Cannonball Melee

The crew of Mythbusters sent a cannonball shooting through a residential neighborhood during filming for a recent eopisode where they were trying to measureits speed.  The shot wound up leaving some very clean holes in a nearby house, in which the family was sleeping, and without injuring anyone bounced around before exiting the structure, bouncing across a busy street, off the roof of another home, and ending up coming to rest inside a parked mini-van.

Thank God nobody was hurt.

As someone who's been around cannons for some time, all I can say is what were they thinking?  I'm guessing by the enormity of the error that something supporting the gun failed, causing it to take a very high elevation.  If that is the case - it means some serious negligence on the part of a team that otherwise seems well thought-out, safety oriented and scientifically minded.   Regardless of what happened to cause it, no doubt somebody on that crew is about to have their kiester handed to them.

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