Thursday, January 5, 2012

HELLOOOO Annapolis!

As we enter the new year, I've moved to Annapolis and started a new assignment as a seamanship, shiphandling and navigation instructor at the US Naval Academy.  Yes, I've entered the history-bedecked halls of our Navy's most celebrated educational institution.  I know - God save the Navy.

My regular weekdays will largely be spent alternating between Luce Hall and a gray-hull on the Severn River, returning to my surface warfare roots tackling all manner of naval navigational gnarliness.  After two years on an admiral's staff, the move is tremendously refreshing, and I'm psyched!

I also have to say, having not spent much time in Annapolis before now, that I'm amazed to find it such a small, close-knit community.  Everyone seems to know everyone else and I've constantly been meeting new people - including a few, um, fans.  That's right, a few NHS followers caught me out in town and stopped to say hi - so HELLOOOO Annapolis!  And don't worry - I.  Have.  A.  Plan.

No, not that.
While I catch up my own professional development and start teaching *gulp* midshipmen I've also kept hot on Hornet.  In the past week, we've published a revised and updated Project Summary, as well as the long-overdue update (and proofread!) article on Hornet's history.  Those can be downloaded here.  Side note, my new proximity to DC means I can join the regular efforts at the National Archives digging out original logbooks and muster forms!

At any rate, I'm finding that Hornet has a small but dedicated following here.  I'm also reconnecting with old friends in various historical establishments and turning them on to the project.  Every time the topic comes up - which I almost always preface with a disclaimer on crazy notions - it's remarkably well recieved, especially when I mention our intention to 'commission' the replica in conjunction with the 2013 Annapolis Conference.

My plan, if it could be called that, is to drum up as much support, enthusiasm and feedback here as possible - maybe get some working groups started to parallel what's going on in Hampton Roads.  If you're in the general area, feel free to chime in - or better yet - catch me out at Galway Bay and let's chat over a pint. 


Speaking of Hampton Roads, mini-Hornet (our 1:12 scale mock up of the ship) custodian Steve Rodgers is preparing for a setup/breakdown training session this Saturday out in Deep Creek.  If you're in Hampton Roads wondering why the Dockyard is so quiet, drop a note to and head on over to see him.


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