Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My eyes are up here

So this summer I learned a valuable lesson - if you're trying to get people to listen to something important, don't give them cool toys immediately before hand.  Distractions of any kind, in fact, should be avoided.

Some time ago the Hornet Team began wheeling out some spiffy new display pieces with them when they went to meetings.  I actually discussed production of the Hornet half-hull models more than a year ago, but when they first rolled out this summer, I simply didn't have time to post photos and everyone's mind was somewhere else.  But I digest.  The models show the complete hull framing, and the first iterations actually feature removable frame sections - each one a slide out cross-section of the hull.  So imagine, if you will, a conference room in a New York high rise, very intelligent people in expensive suits around a big table, and instead of talking business, everyone - our team included - are all playing with the removable frame sections like kids with a bucket of Legos.  Facepalm.  Actually it was kind of fun.  But moral of the story - the importance of staying focused cannot be overstated.

At any rate, here are some photos from just before the roll-out - 1:48 scale half-hull models depicting the new Hornet.    They aren't available for sale, though they may be in the future.  For now, they serve as promotional give-away pieces for key project supporters.  I have long retired their use for promotional presentations.

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