Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Annual Meeting

From The Pennant - this week's edition:

The NHS Board of Directors converged on the US Naval Academy this weekend for their 2013 Annual Meeting.  The event was graciously hosted by the US Naval Academy Museum, which provided meeting as well as exhibition space for several attractions to coincide with the event.  The museum even drew historical artifacts and documents from the original Hornet for review.
            This year, the board was privileged to be joined by Mr. Stu Kerr, a veteran of USS HORNET CVS-12 and Vice-Chairman of the USS HORNET Association – a group for the veterans of the most recent Navy ships named Hornet.  In discussion of the new Hornet Mr. Kerr pledged that his association would provide a bronze plaque to be mounted aboard the ship honoring the veterans of CV-8 and CVS-12, the two ships to most recently bear the name.  He also pledged to provide a piece of CVS-12’s wooden flight deck, to be integrated into the new Hornet’s keel during the keel laying ceremony.  Navy tradition dictates that pieces of historical ships be integrated into the construction of new ones that bear the same name, and we are proud to carry on that tradition with the USS HORNET Association’s help.
In the afternoon, USNA Museum Collections Manager Don Leonard gave NHS members a tour of the museum’s attic, containing the collections not on display including paintings, artifacts and weapons from throughout the history of the Navy.  Some of the most interesting and enjoyable pieces were Fulton’s original patent application for the steamboat and the museum’s collection of antique firearms, which include captured WWII German and Japanese machine guns.
Our giant 1:12 scale model of Hornet remains on display in Mahan Hall, near the cases that display the British ensigns captured by the original ship in the War of 1812.  It is expected to be on display there until February 15.


Photos of the event have been posted on our Facebook page, and even if you're not a subscriber you can view them by clicking here.  Special thanks to our esteemed directors and to the US Naval Academy Museum for hosting!


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