Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend proved to be quite busy, with lots of travel, time in the shop, suit and tie, coveralls - I ran the whole gammot. Saturday morning I took advantage of a nice lull to visit Historic Jamestowne and their Military Through the Ages (MTA) program, and met up with some friends there. I was amazed to be asked about this blog by about a half dozen people - sometimes it amazes me that people actually read this - and two of them ventured guesses about what we have in the works, and were correct. It's not that hard to figure it out, I promise - but remember the first rule of Fight Club.

I'm guessing no more than two people get the movie reference - even when I use the title. Facepalm.

Despite celebrating five years of living in the Hampton Roads area, this was my first MTA and I have to say I was very impressed. Each group seemed to be interacting with the crowd very well, and keeping their attention. And although there is no 'fight' or reenactment to speak of, the demonstrations of burning powder etc are more in line with what reenactors ought to do. Contrived scenarios and pretending to die by falling down silently are getting rather old hat, afterall. But the great mix of interests, hands-on demonstrations and spectator involvement was tremendous, and should be used as a model for other 'living history' style events everywhere.

If there was one thing about reenactors/living history types that bother me, its people that get very serious about doing it. Dress up in costume - check. Pretend to be someone else - check. No sense of humor when a spectator (me) does a Brad Pitt impression "we're here for one thing and one thing only - killing Naaazies" in front of the SS camp - fail. Chill out, guys - and humor the crowd if they (or me) crack a joke. You represent the 'bad guys' - own it.

I was also taken aback at the Soviet Red Army station when I met up with the bubba who portrays Lord Dunmore every year at Great Bridge. Although he was dressed as a Red Army surgeon I repeatedly called him Comrade Governor - I don't think he made the connection that I knew him from Great Bridge, and consequently didn't seem amused.

Maybe my sense of humor needs a tweak - I dunno.


With the onset of good weather, we've cleared the Framing Bay and moved the Hornet model out there for some team driven efforts - volunteers needed so come on out! We have some mudding, painting, gluing - all of which will be explained. Suffice it to say that the model is like a parade float - correct shape and 1:12 scale - but weighs about 10 lbs soaking wet (which I hope it will never be) - being constructed of foam, scultamold and joint compound. The lower mast sections, made of wood, each weigh more than the whole hull - its a good thing we left access ports in the underside to add ballast.

Work on Monomoys No. 2 and 3 have halted - on purpose. They are part of the master plan, so not to worry. Nothing like putting all of your eggs in one basket, then putting the basket next to the Liquid Evil Generator. Fighter pilots aren't the only ones who like living in the danger zone.

Ahhhh... no.

It's Monday and already the jokes are stale - gripes!


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