Sunday, March 6, 2011

I AM the chairman

So amongst everything that is going on, I took a breather last night and went to see a movie with the girlfriend. We ended up getting tickets for The Adjustment Bureau - and while I don't want to plug the movie, I couldn't help but laugh every time they said 'the chairman'. As most readers know I'm Chairman of the Board of Directors - what dangers there are when you put the person in charge of construction in a place of authority!

But what was so funny is that in the movie, your destiny is orchestrated by a person who is never seen, only referred to as 'the chairman'. He makes the plans and then a complicated structure of suits ensure everyone stays on track. I nearly got a piece of popcorn stuck in my nasal cavity every time someone said something like 'its all up to the chairman - he writes the plan' or 'you need permission from the chairman to do that'. Still cracks me up over my morning coffee.

Works great in the movie - here, on the other hand, we shall see.


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