Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Apologies all for that sudden break in writing. Unfortunately it'll have to continue a while as I am absolutely slammed.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who keep writing, calling, and stopping me on the street and waterfront - I appreciate all of your offers to help, and we'll need you when the time comes. But right now - with the meetings, emails, planning, drafting - there isn't much need for physical labor in the Dockyard.

For everyone reading, whether you know what it is we're up to or are still in the dark, we are making great progress and intend to release our plans once they're sufficiently developed to be more than just a great idea - we want this to be a goal we are certain of attaining before we pass it to you. Anything else would be improperly spending your enthusiasm and dedicated efforts.

Thanks for hanging in there!


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