Thursday, May 13, 2010


The time has come and now we get to put all of our training and preparation to the test!

First, a weather update. Tomorrow is expected partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Chance of isolated showers, 20%. Winds SW at 8-12 kts.

Saturday, much the same as Friday, winds veering N, 6-8 kts. Not great wind to go north by.

And because of the weather, the NEW schedule: (PLAN B is in effect)

Friday May 14
1300-1500 Meet the crew and see the boat at the First Landing State Park Offices
1515 Proceed to Lynnhaven Inlet for launch, tow to beach
1600-1830 Meet the crew and see the boat, First Landing State Park Beach
1900 Depart First Landing State Park
2400 Arrive Kiptopeke State Park

Saturday May 15
0800 Kiptopeke Cleanup with the crew
0900 Depart Kiptopeke State Park
1500 Arrive First Landing State Park, trip complete

Last, a list of improvements made to the Monomoy in the last two weeks:
- sail was trimmed and the leach re-roped to take up the slack in the leach and clew of the sail. This should provide better performance to windward.
- new yard produced, laminated from close grain fir, tested to withstand 300 lbs lateral load at the halyard tye.
- leeboard now has one roseline and one brail vice two roselines.
- equipped with beach anchor and shackle, to bury the bow line in the beach
- recieved and put aboard electric light package, battery powered, for night sailing

That's it, we're on our way. Watch the local news and media for more about our crossing until we get back.


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