Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something's lurking... don't think I don't see what you're up to

There have been many things rumbling around the dockyard lately, and I do mean rumbling.

For starters, the new ordnance carts we purchased to move the new 3-pdr gun and all its equipment have been shuffling in, out and about. I've noticed one of them is a little - um - bent up (?) and we don't even have the gun barrel in yet. Reports said the carpenters were moving trees? Riiiiight. Well at least we can look forward to getting that gun barrel in today (yes, it is arriving today, truck freight) so maybe that will keep those damned rolly rolly wagons out of my way.

Another rumbling around is the sound of the truck we use to haul the Monomoy trailer. The high pitched wisp wisp wisp is probably a clutch needing to be replaced. Where is our motor mechanized division when we need them? Maybe we need to start looking hard into something beefier.

And the last rumbling - that everyone thinks I know nothing about - I hear talk of a "secret weapon". In and amongst the conversation I hear the word "womper". Don't think I haven't seen that movie and don't know what you're talking about. Anyone who is planning on stuffing more canvas onto a boat needs to have it properly approved first. Don't waste your time trying to produce something that will only get shot down in the end. Enough said.

Now, on the same note, if you want to produce another, larger sail, you can start doing some math. Prove to me your concept could work and we'll talk about getting it made. I rather like the idea of an alternative "fair weather" rig for the Monomoy... just don't pretend that you're going to hoist anything up that mast so much as a napkin without my approval.



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