Friday, February 19, 2010

Cutting edge technology symposium

I know I've already made the obligatory Friday post, including the introduction of FULLBORE FRIDAY, but this was too groundbreaking not to post.

Now that we're taking advantage of the wonders of modern technology such as hollow laminated masts I think its about time we reevaluated the NHS Dockyard Motor Pool. On base today at the NAVFAC Motor Pool I discovered what could become the most useful vehicle in our arsenal. And you would never guess to look at it.

With a 13,000 lb drawbar pull this impressive vehicle is capable of towing both the 26 foot Monomoy and 24 foot Launch simultaneously. Inside there is seating capacity for both crews (20 people), and a well stocked mini-bar for pre-launching liquid refreshment. Even without 4WD capacity, it can scale obstacles as high as 27 inches and wade through water as deep as 5 feet.

As of yet I am still unsure of the price tag for one of these little gems, but I've been told they are completely unobtainable. I think with enough time spent surfing the internet we could easily locate a disused vehicle on eBay Motors somewhere in Ghana or Cameroon. In fact, I'm almost sure I saw the same thing in the latter two years ago.

So members, take a round turn and let's make this the next addition to our glorious Dockyard!


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