Wednesday, February 17, 2010

By our powers combined...

If you know what that was from, you're probbably in your late 20s suddenly feeling kind of old. At any rate, I'm calling in the big guns on several projects that are clogging up my lofting bay. This Saturday and Sunday we'll have

1. the Mast & Spar Team setting up the lamination for the replacement Monomoy mast. I'm sick of kicking around your toothpicks, go make something large and impossibly lightweight out of them.

2. the Gunner's Mate and his crew finishing the axles for the 3 pdr carriage. Those chunks of oak are about to become keel blocks or heating elements for boat soup. Chop chop, fellas.

3. both teams are to supply at least two bodies each to grunt labor in the Monomoy prepping for new paint.

Lots of work to do before our April 2nd launch date. So come on out this weekend, and let's get 'er done!


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