Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Racing Stripes

I've just recieved approval for my paint plan for the Monomoy. We're going to be dolling her right up for the 2010 season. All interior wood work is being sanded down and re-varnished, new paint inside all around AND the addition of da dada DA- racing stripes! The plain white hull is getting a fresh jolt with the addition of a navy blue gunwale stripe and golden yellow pinstriping. Back in my days on the Training Ship Empire State, we had a white hull with a blue "racing stripe" on the bow. Of course, later on they painted the whole hull blue. But I've always loved that racing stripe and wanted to paint one on this boat. The colors pay homage to the Navy, and to the Military Sealift Command, whose famous blue and gold stack stripes are their primary distinguishing insignia.

The interior of the boat is being painted per 1907 US Navy regulations, famous for use by the Great White Fleet. The interior bulwarks will be "spar" - a khaki color - while the deck will be "blue-gray". The propulsion oars will likewise be painted spar, while the steering oar will remain varnished. The gunwales and steering yoke will be finished with boat soup - a pine tar mixture - that blackens and preserves the wood. Odd side note - recently visited the "Real Pirates" exhibit at Nauticus and several of the artifacts recovered from the sunken pirate ship Whydah still reek of pine tar! Now THAT is preservation!

The working schedule for all of this - for those who missed it - will be as follows:

March 27-28 - Interior stripping and varnishing - MAX. PARTICIPATION REQUIRED
April 10-11 - Painting of the "Racing Stripe"

Hope to see you there!

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