Monday, February 22, 2010

Takin' care of business

This weekend was highly productive - the spar team managed to get the mast for the Monomoy laminated and turn all those toothpicks in the shop into a sloppy mess of epoxy and clamps. That'll be fun to see when it emerges after shaping. One thing is certain, that the clamped up spar weighs far less than the standby solid mast of the same size.

The carpenter's crew also managed to get the mast step and collar largely complete, solving a few major structural issues we had in getting the new mast into the boat. The step and collar were omitted in the 1988 rebuild of the boat, and improvements made during that time removed a few key components in the original construction that supported those elements. The replacements take into account the original design but also some design changes to adapt to the rebuilt structure.

The sail is nearly ready for roping and grommets, and is now about 75% complete. It should be ready for hoisting about the same time that the mast, yard and rigging are complete in the middle of March.

Future opportunities at the Dockyard:

Complete interior refinishing is scheduled for March 20-21.
Exterior painting, including the addition of a new blue and gold "racing stripe" is scheduled for April 10-11.


A new plan of attack has been formulated for our CONQUER THE CHESAPEAKE event in May. Due to the high level of interest, we will be assembling two crews - one to take the boat on each leg of the round trip. The BLUE crew will take the boat North, from Cape Henry to Kiptopeke, while the GOLD crew will return from Kiptopeke to Cape Henry. The crew that is not in the boat will be present at departure and arrival, and handle logistics in between. Both crews are invited to take part in the overnight camp at Kiptopeke.

Training sessions have also been moved. We will now have two separate dates, that can each accommodate 10 prospective crew members. All prospective crew members must attend one of the training events, and the final crew rosters will be published soon after.

Training dates are as follows:
24 April 2010 - 0600-1500, Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk VA
1 May 2010 - 0600-1500, Harbor Park, Norfolk VA

More information will be put out once applicants are registered for training.
So - lots going on. Keep checking in for further updates as we progress - and don't forget to register for CONQUER THE CHESAPEAKE before we fill up!

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