Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conquer the Chesapeake - on the Bridge Tunnel first...

The snow is blowing hard outside, though with any luck it won't stick. Hopefully it won't impede our efforts today, yet another where we're preparing for our event Conquer the Chesapeake.

The plan, as it stands currently, is to row/sail the Monomoy from Lynnhaven Bay to Cape Charles and onward to land at Kiptopeke State Park, on the bay side of the Eastern Shore. Its our first major trip in the boat, and we're all a little anxious to see the preps progress favorably.

Today Ted Lambert and I will be setting out to the Eastern Shore to scout Kiptopeke State Park and meet with Dan Jordan, a park official. The trip across the Ches Bay Bridge Tunnel is a fun one, and pretty much parrallels our charted course across the bay. We may be huge nerds, but although we've both transited the waters innumerable times aboard ships, Ted and I will be taking charts along and making observations as we cross the bridge. That is, if visibility permits. Doesnt look pretty outside right now.

Later this week I have a meeting with the staff of Nauticus to lock up our relationship for summer programming. Still working on a powerpoint presentation for that. Maybe just a hand out. Go go navy administrative skills!

Hopefully tonight's update will bring some good news. More to follow.


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