Thursday, March 4, 2010

Numbers are your friends.

Everyone around the dockyard knows that I am a huge fan of proving the various merits of things mathematically, also known as running the numbers before starting a project. For instance, if you're going to build a boat, you want to have your sail plan and stability tables and everything else worked out before you start cutting up lumber, right? Right. With the rapid production of the new mast for the Monomoy to meet our deadline this Sunday - also known as the 'great mast-a-thon' - everyone seems to be in the number crunching vein! It's great!

Side note - those of you with filthy minds need not contemplate alternative meanings of 'mast-a-thon'. Enough said.

Back on topic - it was great last night to recieve sets of calculations from not one but TWO members of the spar team who were working out the strength to weight ratios of the new mast to the old, and comparing them to solid spars. One even went so far as to include a re-evaluation of my calculation of the forces upon the mast step and collar. Well done, gents.

I have to say, though, that I think some may be getting a little carried away here. This morning, I found this picutre pinned to my cork board. Ahh, children. I think I'll keep it there a while...

MAST making! its about MAST making! Christ people get your minds out of the gutter!


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