Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You can't spell SLAUGHTER without LAUGHTER

Yesterday, day 1 of 6 in the incredible mast-a-thon, we managed to settle on a design and purchase new material. Picking through two huge stacks of 2x4s we were able to locate the requisite four clear, straight grained ones and strap them haphazzardly to the roof of my x-terra. The drive back to the dockyard at 25 mph was like sifting through the debris of a major natrual disaster that had just happened. Three guys- dirty, tired, sore, one with a huge bruise on the side of his face. Expoxy stained and worn.

Every second of free time to that point was spent arguing over how to proceed, what design to use, where to purchase material. All punctuated by someone randomly yelling "there just isn't time!" periodically. This great wailing and gnashing of teeth continued all the way to the store to buy what we needed, and I'm sure Home Depot did NOT appreciate three guys picking half the pile of 2x4x16 stock out and laying it across the floor of the lumber aisle - all to loud shouts and plenty of cursing.

Side note: gents we really need to mind the language around the kiddies. Otherwise, I'll buy you those electronic dog correction collars to wear when we go out in public. Mother F- AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH damn it!

So when everyone was perfectly quiet on the ride back - waiting for the 16-foot long lumber to break loose and slide off my roof at any moment - cars honking because I was driving so slow - the faint sound of the red warning flag fluttering on the back - it really was like 'the aftermath'. Thankfully we're well set up to crank this thing out by next Sunday.

The schedule is as follows: today, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday laminate one of the four sides each day. Drink heavily while the epoxy sets up. Saturday, shaping, fairing and varnishing. Add hardware and test - moment of truth - Sunday morning.
Looking forward to continuing another exciting week at the dockyard...

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