Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome Marines!

So good afternoon, all you Marines who suddenly discovered this weekend that I'm keeping a blog. Welcome, and I hope your necks and backs aren't too sore from your adventures this weekend. For those who missed it, there was a great deal going on this weekend. The NHS marines, dressed as Revolutionary War British Marines, participated in the 229th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in Greensboro NC. Wait. They did not just participate - they KICKED ASS! Pardon my Anglo Saxon. To all who attended, thanks for your work - you looked great, drilled even better, and made the NHS leadership exceptionally proud. Around the dockyard, we always wonder why we package all the mess gear up to send to North Carolina once a year, and every year the question is answered with aplomb. Well done, gents.

That's well. Now, on to business.

The Monomoy Pulling Boat has been moved up to right outside the lofting bay for final work before we put her back in the water. This week, all interior surfaces will be carefully prepped to recieve paint or varnish, and pending any major complications, we'll see that rolled on next weekend. The following weekend, March 27 & 28, we'll be re-varnishing all the interior wood. That, of course, is an all-hands evolution, so come on out. Our gruelling test sail of the new rig will take place on April 11, after which we'll polish her up and she's ready to go.

Training for Conquer the Chesapeake starts April 24 at Naval Station Norfolk. Remember, if you're planning on making the crossing you must attend either the April 24 OR the May 1 training session. Email me soonest to let me know which you'll be attending so I can reserve your place.

So, another busy week at the shop. Keep calm and carry on, gents, and again - congrats on a really great event!


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