Friday, March 5, 2010

Respite, at long last.

After our recent trials and hair on fire emergencies, we have a few things to be excited about.

Last night I received a phone call from our friendly neighborhood MSC representative. The Military Sealift Command actually owns the 26-foot Monomoy Pulling Boat, and we have to screen all of our programming through them for approval. Their rep was very happy to report that our Chesapeake Bay crossing, known as "Conquer the Chesapeake 2010" has been formally approved. Because of the hazards involved, this particular event required higher level authorization. After all, the prospect is pretty daunting. So approval was the last major hurdle to get over before going, and we are now there. Thanks, MSC! We won't let you down.

The last lamination of the replacement mast was completed last night - tonight we start shaping, one full day ahead of schedule. Impressive, really, to think that on such a short timeline and budget we're still able to pull ahead. By Sunday we should see the mast stepped for the first time, and begin our afloat stability tests.

This weekend I expect a full round of visits as we work the remaining issues to conclusion. Reps from MSC and the Navy will be stopping by to see what we've done so far. Remember, first launching is April 2 at Harbor Park, and our first full scale event is April 3-4 at Nauticus as part of the conclusion of the Real Pirates exhibit.


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