Tuesday, March 16, 2010

60 percent of the time, they work - every time.

In honor of the Marines' recent discovery not only of my blog but that NHS has a dockyard and sailors, I'd like to take a minute to highlight the work of our ever diligent Armorer, Joey Guns. After a four year enlistment in the REAL Marine Corps (hoo rah), Joey turned to the dark side of finance banking. Now, when he's not wearing the suit and tie of a "Senior Vice President" he's wearing the waiter-like apron getup of the NHS Armorer, cleaning and repairing firelocks when they're not in use at events.

Now, anyone who was in Greensboro this last weekend will recall the embarrassing CLICK that was happening WAY too often. That was probably my fault. After the Marines' last outing in Chesapeake, the muskets were stored in the Dockyard where I took it upon myself to do the basic maintenance. And now Joey Guns has to bench strip each piece and clean up for not one but two events of improper maintenance. Sorry guys. But hey, just think of it like Sex Panther Cologne - 60 percent of the time, it works - every time. Yeah.... no.

Hey - when you want a sail made, you call me. When you need a hole in a boat repaired, you call me. When you need to rig a fidded topmast, you call me. No more muskets in THIS Dockyard.... not for a while, or until I have someone to yell at for not having them done and working perfectly.

Good luck, Guns - I look forward to enjoying the product of your labors this July!

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