Monday, March 8, 2010

One milestone met, three to go.

Yesterday the product of the great mast-a-thon successfully passed testing - with flying colors - and was stepped in the Monomoy. The step needed a little shimming - it was 3/32" too far aft - but that was easily remedied. A busy but productive week is over, and a critical milestone met. Congratulations to the spar team - you guys rocked out this week and you've already seen some of the fruits of that labor.

But don't rest now, folks, we still have three more to go. A summary of the work, and the schedule to do it on, is as follows:

Power cleaning of the non-skid deck (in prep for painting) is scheduled for March 20.

MILESTONE #2: Re-finishing. All 11 oars (including the steering oar) and the thwarts need to be totally stripped, varnished, the oars re-leathered and the woodwork and hull attachments caulked. The bulk of this work will occur weekday evenings at the dockyard and next weekend. Completion date March 26.

MILESTONE #3: Interior Painting. The entire interior of the Monomoy needs to be prepped and painted spar and blue-gray. This work will occur the weekend of March 27-28. Completion date (allowing for touch-ups) March 31.

First launch of the season, April 2. Sailing rig not required. April 3, at Nauticus for the conclusion of the Real Pirates exhibit. SIDE NOTE: I realize this is Easter weekend - actually we just realized that this past weekend. Consequently, we will wrap up operations on Saturday no later than 1600.

MILESTONE #4: Rigging. Cutting, set up and fine-tuning of the Monomoy rigging, including all redundant equipment (mast fish and wouldings, emergency rigging, etc).

Painting of the "racing stripes" (navy blue and yellow-gold gunwale stripes) will take place on April 10.

Shakedown sail and training for crossing the Chesapeake will take place on April 24.

Busy times ahead - keep the noses to the grindstone and before you know it, we'll be on the beach in Kiptopeke.


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