Sunday, March 21, 2010

A boat that's shiny and clean, a dockyard crew that's tired and worn

As I sit down to write this rare Sunday post, I turn on the TV and the show on right now is called "I'm Pregnant... and in Jail". Now I remember why I don't watch TV often. But I digress - I'm tired.

The NHS Dockyard crew just finished painting out the Monomoy interior - gunwale to bilge. She's shiny and clean looking for the first time in years - and the sight is highly motivating. Surface preparation alone took more than three weeks - stripping off the old paint, power washing the remnants then wiping down with some pretty noxious chemicals. Thanks to the crew, who virtually lived in respirators. Of course we finally got to see the product of all that preparation - in the fact that the interior of the boat is now completely and indelibly encased in a solid shell of epoxy-based paint. Awesome.

The only problem is that the paint above the thwarts ended up being a lighter khaki color rather than the "spar" color it was supposed to be. Minor details - we're not touching it for a long time, so I'll learn to love it.

Now, new business.

Next weekend, I'm calling in ALL HANDS to assist with the stripping and varnishing of all the wood in the boat. Her thwarts, bow and stern platforms, risers, oars, bilge boards, stretchers, mast... everything. Bring your sanders and plenty of sanding pads - and let's knock out the last major event in her restoration. Free food, drinks and lodging at the Dockyard, on me. Call or email for details.

Give me some time, though - I need a shower, a beer and a nice relaxing King of the Hill moment staring at that gorgeous paint.


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