Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey Joey Guns! I have a new toy for you!

It's clogging up my damned shop entry and weighs a sodding ton! Worse yet it's on one of those horrible green rolly carts and the tires are damned near flat. Someone had better get their hide over here and shift this thing into the gunner's cage where it belongs!

Or maybe I'm making too big a deal of this.

Here at the dockyard we just took delivery of our first gun - a light 3-pdr from Lion's Den Arms. The proprietor, Mr. Les Szabo was very helpful in not only arranging the transaction but also providing specifications for the gun's naval carriage. That carriage is currently back-burnered as the dockyard crew presses on with final preparations for the Monomoy's crossing of Chesapeake Bay. But very soon after, the attention will shift back to it, and hopefully by June we'll see her fitted out and afloat.

For now, I'm still making my calls to get some help here.


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