Monday, November 22, 2010

The best laid plans

Happy Monday all and welcome back to another exciting, albeit short, week of preparations for the upcoming 2010 Reenactment of the Battle of Great Bridge. Today, I'd like to formally announce a new project that I'm taking on specifically for this event: we're going into the movie business. Or at least the YouTube realm of home movies.

The project is to create a series of three short works depicting our activities at this year's event, each set to modern music. The idea will be to 'masterfully' assemble hours and hours of footage taken at the event into three shorts, each about three or four minutes long, and set it to music. We'll then post the videos on YouTube, just for S & Gs.

The first - provided he wants to cooperate - will be a short work based primarily around the person portraying Lord Dunmore (the last colonial governor) set to "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray. The idea is to create a somewhat dramatic view of Dunmore trying to restore some semblance of order in Virginia as the revolution exploded around him in 1775.

The next short will be a high action piece set to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Carribbean or somesuch, making our Marines and boat crew look like complete badasses. This will take a lot of stock footage and some great editing, I'm sure. But the group I was with in college, the NY Maritime Cadet Artillery/20th NY Volunteer Artillery (Civil War) did this with a photo montage very well a few years ago.

The last will be a comical piece set to some sort of rock or dance song that highlights how much fun we have at events. This we will probably have more than enough footage to compile - as most of our time is spent goofing around anyway. Again, this has been done very sucessfully in the past - and in the Navy!

Thoughts anyone? Let's start putting together the team - amateur and aspiring directors, designers, editors, camera folks. ASSEMBLE THE ARMY!

Just start Googling these quotes if you don't get them - really. It shouldn't be that difficult. It really is funny, I promise.


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