Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Delayed again

I just got off the phone with the NHS Finance Director and apparently my new budget, which has been approved for going on three weeks now, won't be accessible until Saturday. This means that new stock won't be in until then. Joy - another delay.

Luckily this will be the last major delay in transferring funds to the Dockyard budget. Previously, I had to request specific amounts based on purchase orders - which took a lot of time and several trips to the vendors - and also occasionally caused us to miss out on great deals. Then, a week or two later, I'd get a check made out to the vendor that I'd take them and pick up my product. Now, a separate operating account has been established for the Dockyard, and I'll have a debit card that I can use to make purchases pertaining to those projects that have been approved by the Board of Directors. Much better.

The delay shouldn't cause too much hardship, except that I'm just about ready to get started and I hate wasting time.


By the way, backyard boat builders of Norfolk - I have good news! Don't let the lumberyards - even Yukon - tell you that you won't find hardwood in quantity in any significant length! Today, after calling everyone in the phone book searching to no avail, I discovered, and completely by acciedent, the Wurth Wood Group on Chesapeake Blvd and let me tell you - they've got it a-plenty and at great prices.

Just goes to show that you CAN find what you want, if you look dilligently enough!


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