Monday, November 8, 2010

BY THE WAY - Oh web "master"

I just took a jog over and had a look at our website. "Counter is updated daily" seems to be negated by the fact that our 'fundraising goal' deadline is November 1. Updated daily, that is, until November 1, after which you'll forget about it. Way to go! AND... the PayPal link has stopped working. Seems these days that your work is more than a little mildly discouraging.
Before we get into another war turning pages pink, is there some motivation I can provide beyond the constant harping? I'd love to give positive encouragement! But no, you're sooo touchy. I mean seriously, do your frickin job or quit - 'all there is to it. And before you think about turning my blog pink again, remember the lesson that you should have learned on that occassion - if you force me to engage you, the sequence of combat will only end in your demise... or at least severe embarassment.

Forty three, check. (imaginary pencil on hand) still not getting the quotes. Hmmm.

The thing that irritates me the most about NHS - and the thing that motivates me beyond words - are the contributions of others (or lack thereof). Many of us have signed on for responsibilities above and beyond the typical show-up-and-row mentality. It also provides an outlet to relieve stress and occasionally a viable reason to have a beer before lunch. But I digest.

It is SO motivating to see the products of other people's labor, and how it compliments my own in the push toward the NHS master goal of global domination. But when people take on responsibilities especially voluntarily, and don't meet them, I get irritated. Irked, if you will. REALLY MAAAAAAAAAAD.

You Dockyard volunteers, the Saturday morning beer this weekend shall be my tribute to you! May I never forget your contributions! To our webmaster, consider yourself ON NOTICE.

I don't know why I'm so fixated on beer this afternoon. I almost NEVER drink heavily (not like apparently I was supposed to in college), I just enjoy one now and again. But one other idea I had last night revolved around one of the other hobbies I've been thinking of taking up lately (yes, there are others) - beer making. I'm thinking we need to pick up a home beer-making kit, and brew some Dockyard Ale or Dockyard Bitter or Dockyard Porter. Dockyard IPA, maybe a nice Dockyard Stout. You get the idea. Not thinking of becoming a micro-brew but it WOULD be kind of nice to brew our own concoction and provided it's palatable, wheel it out on special occasions.

And in case anyone else is wondering, I already have plenty of spirits hidden buried in the Dockyard to celebrate whiskey planks, launchings etc. No, I won't tell you where or what they are, you'll just have to stick around long enough to find out. They are, by the way, worth the wait. Unlike what I'm sure will come of the above rant.

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