Friday, August 26, 2011

Come on Irene

If anyone else starts quoting Freddie Mercury I'm going to loose my own bunt gasket.  Nevertheless, suffice it to say that I have returned to Norfolk, have taken charge of the Dockyard, and the Severe Weather Response Plan has been implemented.

No volunteers will be required at the Dockyard during any portion of the hurricane/foul weather.  The Monomoys are buttoned up as best they can be, and all else secured for sea.  Remain safe - go where you need to - so long as it's not the Dockyard.  On that score, I'm on high ground and I have beer - who wants a hurricane party?

Be safe everyone and I'll get back to writing next week. Yes, it is unreasonable to expect that I'll be answering the 200+ emails that have piled up on me this weekend.  Watch below (hat tip Niagara crew).


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