Monday, August 8, 2011

Time traveller cell phone - REPRISE

"Oh nothing, just chilling at the Navy Yard, bored.  What's up?"

I may have retouched that photo, just a little.  In case anyone doesn't recognize it, this is a photo taken in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in 1861 after Federal forces had attempted to destroy the facilities as they evacuated in an attempt to deny them to Virginia state forces (Confederates) coming to occupy it.  Call it a hat-tip to the ongoing Civil War 150th anniversary commemorations, which certainly deserve attention.

This weekend I had a chance to head over to Portsmouth and visit some of my local favorites - the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Museum and the shipyard itself.  It's a visit I try to make a few times a year to go exploring with my military ID.  Sometimes I lament that civilians aren't able to see the shipyard - which requires a military ID to get in - but harbors some truly awesome remnants of our Naval history.  For those without a golden ticket, the museum is located in Downtown Portsmouth and you don't need one to get in, just a few dollars.

The trip is always a great reminder of just how focussed our Navy used to be on history - it certainly never wants for great stories, amazingly applicable precedent, or amazing artifacts.  Now adays it seems we give it something of a back seat, to the point that we always seem to be doing everything for the first time. *hangs head*  Oh well.  Someday, hopefully, we can change that.


Odd question - which I should pose to Jay Thomas, director of Navy Museums - why does the Shipyad Museum charge admission while all of the others are free?  Not that I object, but perhaps this could be a means of bolstering the budget in difficult financial times.  After all, who wouldn't pay a buck or two to board USS Constitution?


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