Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grab a Snickers. Or just snicker, whatever.

So what's that saying so often made by the ubiquitous 'them' - about the best laid plans?  Yeah, well let's just say that I've grown soft and intolerant of traffic not having to drive onto Naval Station Norfolk in the mornings for going on two years now.  Nearly every single member of the crew we put together this morning was late - myself included.  And as I cursed everything from the Navy for not having more gates to the city for not designing a better traffic pattern to myself for not getting up earlier to the damned drivers who insist on tailgating the Monomoy where I can't see them - if I could kill with my mind it would have been a bloodbath.

The thing that really chapped my a$$ was that some of our green hands, who actually made it out to the marina - somehow on time - and in near perfect weather for a nice full-crew row/sail - had to leave dissapointed.  The sad part is that with many people these days - one chance is all you get before someone decides "nah, this isn't for me".  So although toward the end we had plenty of help - certainly enough to man the boat well - we ran out of time.

One thing is clear - there is interest in weekly sessions.  We just have to make it easy and convenient for people to get out there, and therein lays the problem.  Balancing complicated schedules means having to do without a portion of your best oarsmen - always.  So it's back to the drawing board and hopefully we'll come up with something that more people can take part in.


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