Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back again

Okay folks, sorry for the long absence.  Things have been very busy lately but I don't need to tell you - between the retirement of ADM Roughead and ADM Mullen, a new CNO - things are pretty exciting.  And here at NHS things are no different.  Yeah, we're still working on what we're working on, including new promotional and informational materials for the HORNET Project, along with a fresh round of website updates.  And all of it has kept me pretty busy.  Thankfully, its all exciting stuff and so that helps keep the motivation up.

One of the biggest projects recently has been a revamp of the website, conversion to .aspx format and updating the content.  We're still not done with this, but most of what's new is posted.  A quick word on this - yesterday we found that our "join our mailing list" link was not working properly, so if you have joined since Monday, please go back and join again to ensure we don't miss you in future mailings.

We've also been churning and burning on new HORNET promotional material for donors to keep the press on there.  Most of these will be published on our website soon, and snippets have already been published in our weekly newsletter, The Pennant.  Part of the reason that I've taken so long away from the blog is that I've been very wrapped up in those publications, and the website material.  It still isn't perfect, but it's getting there. 

I can be very knit-picky about the seemingly smallest of details - font selection, paper quality, margin size, borders.  I mean the products have to be tasteful, right?  They've got to make an impact with potential donors and so they've got to be highly polished and well presented, from content all the way down.  The raw facts and logic are sound, it's all properly arranged, wordsmithed to high heaven and then sprinkled with appropriate images.  The jockeying that then results I can only thank Microsoft Word for - without which I would never be allowed to toy with all these awesome features!  I mean, the image of John Paul Jones at the printer making the Navy's first recruiting poster comes to mind.
The photos at the top hardly compliment the message.  What is that, clipart?  I mean, come on JPJ, you could do better than that! I know you don't have software as developed as mine today, but I would have definately objected to the huge delta in font sizes, your kerning is a little off in more than one spot, and the emphasis by spacing out your block caps - please.  Maybe if you'd paid more attention to the subliminal messages in your paper broadside you could have recruited people that could have pulled off that Whitehaven raid a little better.


But I digest.  Maybe my OCD doesn't have a place editing documents, but I make a mean pot of coffee.  As long as you fold the filter over the top of the retainer, and the coffee is built up into a little cone, but not so much that your angle of repose is too high, or it will just lump over and ruin the whole mess.  Err. (sips coffee).

Its too early, and I'm definately wearing down a bit - maybe its time for a vacation.


In all seriousness, we've made some serious improvements, particularly in the membership arena.  Starting October 1, new applicants will be able to apply and pay dues via the website automated system - which should make life significantly easier for you.

For everyone else, we'll just have to wait and see if my OCD paid off when the new material is published October 1.



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