Friday, September 16, 2011

Proof you're working too hard

In recent weeks, the Hornet Project team has been pushing to get the latest round of informational materials out - project summaries, white sheets, leave behinds, and power point presentations.  All of it to adjust for the shift in construction timeline from this winter to next summer and everything that goes with it - from the capital campaign to projections and pro formas, all is being re-hashed, cleaned up and adjusted for the most current information.

This just means that we've been rapidly sending emails back and forth, editing draft after draft, even throwing out and starting again in some cases.  And now we're all starting to get tired.  We're sick of hearing from each other - in a very Jerry/Newman relationship, almost across the whole team.  Of course a few days off will do some good, offering some rest and undoubtedly result in one final burst of relative genius before we finally publish, splash, and see if any ripples come back.

But this comes at an interesting time - this weekend I'm heading up to Alexandria for the USS Hornet (CV-8 and CV-12) reunion at the invitation of the USS Hornet Association.  I only hope to be able to keep up the smiles, enthusiasm, and constant conversation, even though I really shouldn't be anywhere near any mental processing of the project.  Maybe my vacation will start later.  Good news guys, take a week off - sort of thing.  At least I am genuinely looking forward to meeting everyone - with whom I've only ever had phone calls and email exchanges.  There are some great sea stories waiting for me, I'm sure, and if there is one thing I love its sea stories.

More to follow on Monday.


Subscribers to the NHS mailing list - as you read last week the free reign of the NHS Publishing Team is coming to an end in October.  But don't worry about scrambling for your memberships just yet - the new and improved website will make joining and payment of dues much easier, so standby for that.  Oh crap, that is something else I'm supposed to be doing.  No rest for the weary.

Have a good weekend, all!


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