Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NHS Winter Retreat

I'm definitely slipping in updating this blog lately - the holiday rush can be thanked for much of that.  We've had lots of visitors to the Dockyard over the last week, but mostly just to check things out and not much actual work has been accomplished.  Oh well.  Now we have a short dash until Christmas and then on into the new year!

But Dockyard work aside, we do have a great event coming up - our winter retreat.  Last year, we just called it a board meeting - as it proved one of the rare occasions that our entire Board of Directors assembled in person to conduct business.  It also allowed our membership to come out and take part in the proceedings and discussions - so that the humblest of us could play philosopher for a few days.  The setting helped dramatically - rather than being cooped up in a board room, activities were held on the top floor of a board member's beach house in North Carolina's Outer Banks - with phenomenal views of the ocean, Pimlico Sound and Hatteras Light.  Everyone was accommodated in private suites, giving the proceedings a more casual, family-like feel, and the heated pool and hot tub were phenomenal, even in January.

This year, we're putting more effort into non-board business with several working groups and discussion forums.  What will those be, exactly?  Well, we hope our members will help us decide that.

Some of the subjects already planned are pretty interesting - a discussion of the history and development of US Navy oared boats, a lecture on Hornet's 1812 service and its impact on the war, and an update on the USS Hornet Project.  All of these will be recorded on video and posted to our YouTube channel (it's about time we added something there, isn't it?)  But we're adding more - and this is what we hope our members, fans and supporters will assist with.  So drop us a line and let us know what you'd like us to discuss at the retreat!  From general topics to specific questions - comment here, on our facebook page, or email the team at and we'll see about adding them to the program!

For those considering attending, the retreat takes place on January 14th and 15th in Avon, NC and accommodations and meals are provided on-site.  Some carpools will be available from the Dockyard to the retreat and back.  Space is limited so please contact us for more information.  Of course, NHS Members will have priority.

More to follow in the next edition of The Pennant.


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