Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where are THESE trees?

Last night's working session went over well, with the exception that the one frame we set out to bend ended up not cooperating.  Getting the hot frame correctly pre-bent and clamped in place proved pretty challenging, and ultimately proved to us that we need a pre-bending jig, or 'horse' to get the tight radii of the turn of the bilge before handing up the frame.  As I said yesterday, embrace shortcoming, learn and move on.

Luckily, I've found a few trees that might help with that appreciably.  I have no idea where these are but we need to find and harvest them ASAP.

Tonight I'll start working on building a horse for bending and hopefully by this weekend I'll have something up and running so I can try this again.  More to follow.


In order to help those at home track our progress - painfully slow though it may be - I've created a graphic for you.  The lines in gray represent frames and floors yet to be replaced.  Red means we've removed the old frame and prepped it for installation of new, yellow means that the new frame is clamped in place, and green means replaced and refastened.

Yes yes, dismal isn't it?  Welcome to my world!
Press onward...


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