Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ruby slippers authorized

Progress on the restoration of Monomoy No. 3 is moving along quite quickly - so quickly in fact that last weekend we totally expended our supplies of fasteners and epoxy putty - both critical materials in our re-framing process.  This isn't a wholly bad place to be in - it's a startling change to our usual schedule of movement, i.e. too slow.  But it does pose a problem in that our enthusiastic volunteers have picked up some great steam, and once you've got turns on, killing the momentum is deadly. 

So in our latest edition of The Pennant (the NHS weekly newsletter) as well as in a previous blog entry, we decided to create a "wish list" and ask supporters to chip in.  There's no gift like fasteners.  There's no gift like fasteners.  There's no gift like fasteners.  You get the idea.  I suppose it's better than asking for a heart, brain or courage - though we might start there too, soon.  We weren't really sure how well this would go over, but at least by allowing supporters to buy materials and send them to us, vice send money, at least they could be sure we weren't using the money for drugs.

But I'm very happy to report that less than 24 hours after publication, we've got enough material on its way to the Dockyard to keep efforts going for several weeks, maybe even months.  So thanks to those generous supporters who chipped in and helped keep our efforts going.  That said, I need you to be cool, honey bunny.  If I'm curt with you, it's because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast, and I need you two guys to act fast if you want to get this boat done.  That's right, we're going Harvey Keitel and a little Amanda Plummer on this thing. 

Or maybe, like most people, you just didn't get that quote at all.

As soon as the new putty arrives, we can begin filling in the old fastener holes on frames 9 and 15.  New screws mean we can get frames 10 and 14 fastened in place and start pulling out the old frames 8 and 16.  Notice a pattern here? 

If we keep up the current schedule, we should have the re-framing complete, along with re-installation of the clamps and inwales by mid-January.  From there, some work on stem and sternpost, installation of the keelsons and centerboard trunk and some interior joinery are all that stand between us and being ready to caulk and finish the hull.


If work on the hull of Monomoy No. 3 continues apace - and that means seriously keeping up vigorous effort through the winter - we'll be ready to launch early next spring.  That means we'll have to start planning out our next big "Conquer" type program.  In 2010 we Conquered the Chesapeake - sailing and rowing from Cape Henry to Cape Charles and back.  This year, we've conquered spreadsheets.  But next year, where should we go and what should we do?  There are plenty of good ideas floating around out there, and remember, no idea is too crazy for our boat crews.

That said, maybe we should keep some of them under wraps for a while - I don't want them to get any bright ideas and make off with Monomoy No. 1!  Chime in and let me know!


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