Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After the long weekend

Suffice it to say that I didn't end up getting a new boat this weekend, and we'll leave it at that.


I did, however, begin work to prepare Monomoy No. 3 for re-framing. That involved stripping out her old deck beams and the remains of her decking, lots of cleaning, and assembly of another tipping beam adjustable cradle to complete her stabilization. If all goes well with preparation of the boat, procuring materials and setup of the various tools, we could be looking at some framing within the next several weeks. I'll be starting a series of clinics in steam bending that are as much for my own edification as they are for everyone else, and once we have our "steam team" assembled, we'll start splitting out the old frames and steaming in the new. Standby for more on that.


The hiatus that began after completion and setup of Mini-HORNET is over, and I'm reinstituting our Wednesday working sessions - every week at 1900, starting tomorrow. Come on out and lend a hand preparing Monomoy No. 3 for framing and beyond, and chat HORNET as we go.


Last night I had a great meeting about the future of NHS Youth Programs at the private home of our youth groups point man, Bill Rogers. When he came to the door, I held up my planner and said, "good evening, sir. My name is Will and I'm here to tell you about the good news. Have you heard of Church of Hornet and the message it sends through the centuries for you?"

The joke is that sometimes, I really do feel like I'm doing that.


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