Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So where does Mini-Hornet go now?

For the last two weeks, our 1:12 scale mock up of the Sloop of War HORNET, affectionately dubbed 'Mini-HORNET' has been on display at US Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk VA - where it has been much appreciated as the subject of much discussion. The question now is where is it going next? and when?

Good question. For starters, I had better send Jerry back his carronade pattern, first. Jeez, sorry Jerry.

I hadn't really planned out this far, considering the rapture was supposed to have claimed most of my volunteers by now. And when you can't count on top notch support and plenty of it, you shouldn't plan on moving Mini-HORNET - it's a chore and a half. But now, apparently, I have until October - and that I can work with.

In all seriousness, our plans for Mini-HORNET including using her as a backdrop for a webcast that we will be starting to film in the next few weeks, and her present location is very good for that purpose. Until we get that shooting schedule in place, she'll stay right where she is.

After the filming, she'll be moving to a public venue to wait until her fundraising debut. We have some ideas for this, but standby for a facebook poll or something (I don't know what those social media-types do with their time, it's PFM to me).


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