Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing with my dinghy - or - a new start

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes, Heather and I are fine. And although my poor Bandit 15 is indeed in miserable shape, I'm making preparations to formally donate her to NHS and add her to a winter work list, possibly expanding our instructional repertiore to include some fiberglass restoration work in the coming winter seasons. She'll need some serious work, but she may yet survive to see another day on the water.


As usually happens in my often seemingly semi-charmed existence, a replacement has been identified. Now I know you're thinking, "Will, this isn't supposed to be your personal blog, talk about HORNET, dammit!" but we all need our diversions and unless you want some insight as to the colors of the ties I have picked out for my next round of meetings, you're SOL - for now at least.

So what is the replacement? A friend and colleague of mine Carl A. found me a great Rhodes 19 for a song online. The problem? It's in Michigan. So, a little road trip this weekend, packing up the tools, and hopefully when I come back I'll have something new to tool around with, maybe even do a little beach cruising with.

More to follow late in the weekend - I'm sure I'll have lots of fun stories about how I loathe old trailers.


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