Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pennants on paper

Yesterday we published our first edition of a - what we hope to maintain as - weekly newsletter, The Pennant.  I hope it helps keep everyone on the same page - we're starting to become so widespread in our activities and support that many elements aren't always up to speed on the big picture.  It you didn't receive your copy of The Pennant, sign up for it by visiting our website and entering your email address - here.

To many, I'm sure it seems we are treading water - particularly if you don't live near or participate in our regular working sessions.  The fact of the matter is that we are waiting on a major breakthrough that will demonstrate our credibility and feasibility and put our projects into the realm of the possible in the perceptions of the prospective donors from whom we've gathered interest thus far.  But rather than sit patiently and wait for the breakthrough to come down the pike (and it seems to move slower and slower by the day) we're keeping busy, doing what we can, with what we have, where we are - so that when the capability for serious movement arrives, we can hit the gas hard and know we're accelerating in the right direction.

Now I'm sure there are a few of you who just asked - "what is this breakthrough?" We know but aren't saying.  In fact it could be one of two things, and I will give a few hints here (which because I am horrible at these, will more than likely give them away).  If you think about this rationally, how we're proceeding, what we have accomplished and where we have to go, then you'll realize that we need either 1) a tremendous and unprecedented partnership, even a non-financial one, or 2) a single large (seven figure) donation.  There is a possibility of both at the same time, but for now, as I said, both are in the works, both seem slow in coming.

And while we're talking about seven figure donations - I love the people who say "if I had a million dollars, I'd give it to you."  Thanks, but really?  If you say that, you probably aren't of the mentality to have made a million dollars to begin with - no offense intended.  Honestly, if I had a million dollars and had any mind for self-preservation (which usually facilitates the assembly of a million in assets to begin with), I'd invest the vast majority of it and attempt to make it grow through a series of calculated risks, which would more than likely not include someones seemingly hair brained scheme to build a replica ship.  Think about it.  A donation like that is a tremendous act of charity, and faith that the money will go toward doing the greatest good.  And as much as we would like to live with our head in those clouds, we must remain grounded and focused on the reality of things - that proving ourselves is the most important thing now.

Therein lays the challenge - be bold, but be realistic.  More like Disney selling dreams and fantasies, but proving that it's also a lucrative market.  For those of us close to this thing, stay focused, and keep charging but make sure you keep your heads up and your situational awareness clear as possible.


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