Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday weekend means... WORK!

Independence Day weekend is here and I'm sure everyone is getting ready to enjoy some well needed time to kick back and relax.  I'll be doing that, in my own way, putting in some long hours at the Dockyard getting Mini-HORNET's detail parts finished up and ready to go.  That said, I'll still be kicking back a bit and recharging the batteries. 

For instance, if by some miracle we happen to have enough volunteers and wind, we might have to break out Monomoy No. 1 and go for a sail.  At the very least we'll have the pagan altar aka our fire pit, lit and the grill going, so there'll be two things most of us appreciate - the campfire and good food.


I was taken a bit aback yesterday by an email from a follower who didn't realize that we already have boats in operation - they were of the impression that we were patiently biding our time waiting for the USS HORNET Project to finish.  Now, this response is nothing new, we had a nice long chat yesterday about the subject (thanks for your email!) but ARE YOU KIDDING?  We don't rest, or wait with inactivity.  We are always humming, always building and always moving.  That's one of the facets I love best about this organization - we have a membership that defies the convention of a typical pasttime and rolls onward into whatever weather we're presented and makes progress.  Sometimes that progress is greater than at other times, but the fires are always burning in our boilers and we're keeping the turns on!  We have some of the most dedicated volunteers around and I'm exceedingly proud to be able to work with them on all of our projects.


On a final note to send you all off into the holiday weekend, I give you a dose of historical research to ponder and reflect on as we observe our Independence Day.  Some time ago, the much respected and highly regarded staff at The Onion featured a story about the discovery of several long-lost verses in the Star Spangled Banner.  Check out the story.

Hope you had a good laugh - have a great weekend!


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