Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who needs a press release?

Our first round of actual press releases are nearing completion, and while they will be making some big announcements, I'll drop a partial spoiler on you now.  After all, things are just too exciting to keep to myself, and I'll save the big announcements for the actual releases so there's still some surprise there.

Much of our work up to this point has revolved around not only fundraising, but the development of key partnerships that will help promulgate our mission and strategy.  We've always considered these to be key, not only to the success of the USS HORNET Project, but its continued development - which will prove critical as it grows.

First, we are very priveleged to have the support of the veterans of the USS Hornet Association.  The last two ships to carry on the name were famous in their own right and featured the motto "A Heritage of Excellence", partically in tribute to the 1805 sloop of war, Hornet (III), we're recreating.  Of course, Hornet (VII), CV-8 was the carrier which launched the Doolittle Raid and was later sunk in combat at Guadalcanal and Hornet (VIII) CV-12 was commissioned a mere 13 months after CV-8's demise.  She became famous as the ship that recovered the Apollo 11 astronauts after splashdown.  The members of the USS Hornet Association are a collection of veterans from both ships, and we are exceptionally proud to have their support behind us.  They've even commissioned a bronze plaque to be affixed to the new Hornet in memory of those who served onboard the last two US Navy ships to carry the name.

We are also proud to welcome the support of the Richmond, VA Navy League.  Having adopted several ships in active service in the US Navy and Coast Guard, they provide very valuable support in the form of "Deployment Dollars" - contributing greatly to the morale, welfare and recreation funds of the ships, as well as rewarding individual Sailors for superior service as recognized by their commands.  Composed of private citizens from throughout the Richmond VA area, their support will provide a great host of non-financial benefits as we grow.  In keeping with our stated mission in the HORNET Project, the Naval Heritage Society re-iterated our pledge never to divert funding that supports active-duty Sailors and Navy assets - including tax dollars, and we intend our partnership with the Richmond Navy League to demonstrate that.

Joining our supporters from the green side of the blue-green team is the US Marine Corps Historical Company.  The historical and present-day relationship between the US Navy and the US Marine Corps combat team is a critical part of our nation's defense, just as it was 200 years ago. In support of the HORNET Project's mission to emphasize this relationship and bring it to greater public attention, the US Marine Corps Historical Company is assisting us to plan the most comprehensively blended and effective blue-green programming possible.  What does that mean?  Well, in addition to having full-time professional Sailors working aboard HORNET, you can also expect a significant Marine presence as well.  More on that in a later entry, but suffice it to say, we are extremely grateful to have the Marines with us.  OORAH!

And last (for now) but certainly not least, I owe a shout out to our friends at the law firm of Kutak Rock LLP, Washington DC office - who have been providing our legal services pro-bono for months now.  Most recently, however, they did us one better.  Kutak Rock LLP is a regular participating organization in the annual conferences of the Association of Defense Communities.  This year, the conference is in Norfolk, July 18-20, and the firm graciously donated their exhibition space so that NHS volunteers could set up Mini-HORNET!  Impressed with what we are bringing, the event organizers subsequently moved the 12' tall display to center court.  So, in short, Mini-HORNET will be a main attraction this year, at a conference attended by leaders of defense contractors, the communities that host military installations and the military itself.  BZ!!

We have more to announce, including more partnerships, but please give these great organizations a great virtual round of applause for their support!


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