Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HORNET Updates

I've been getting quite a few emails regarding the USS HORNET Project, everyone wanting to know what's happening. For those just joining us, this is our project to build the first blue-water replica of a US Navy sailing ship as part of the 1812 bicentennial commemorations - the Sloop of War HORNET (1805-1829). For more information check out our website at

First, I should say that we are working hard behind the scenes to get our media release ready. We need to put our best foot forward when we start broadcasting, and need to do our due dilligence and then some to ensure that. And in typical NHS fashion, we have saved our biggest surprise for that event. I know I like to say 'stay tuned' but you're probably not going to want to miss that one.

Second, everyone wants to know what's going on with Mini-HORNET - our 16-foot long, 12-foot tall, 1:12 scale mock-up. She's still at US Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk, but she'll likely be sailing up to Washington DC soon.

Additionally, we've been beating the pavement, building partnerships and soliciting contributions. The partners list will be published with our first media release, and with our fundraising initiatives, should raise a few eyebrows.

And last but not least, with respect to the site of HORNET's construction, I should say that we are more certain of that than we let on initially. We have had several suitable sites offered, but are in final negotiations to ensure our selection of locale best compliments and benefits the selected community in alignment with our 501c3 mission. Without letting the cat too out of the bag, I can confidently say she will be built near the nation's capital.

More to follow as we progress, stand by for the big announcements, coming soon.


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