Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest bloggers and reefing seams

Both can be irritating. And for reference, IC1, I don't own a whip - it's a rope end. And I only beat our volunteers because I care.

I should specify here that this is a joke. No, really - I will get nastygrams about this.


Yesterday we realized that we were about to overlook a critical step in our preparations for re-framing Monomoy No. 3 - reefing the seams. Basically, it means pulling out all of the old caulking and putty between the planking that was used to keep it watertight. The problem? Some of that stuff has been in there a while! And that's not what bothers me - actually the newer material is more of a problem. As IC1 pointed out, maintenance was done haphazardly in more recent times (probably at least 20 years ago), using what appears to be a nasty mixture of paint, silicone, bondo - you name it it's in there. And the effect that all of that had was to force the planks farther and farther apart until the sealing effects were all but negated. Armed with scrapers, file ends, screwdrivers and our trusty 5-in-1 tools, we began tackling this in earnest last night. We got approximately 15 feet of the 600+ feet of seams in the boat reefed. Moral of the story - we're in for a long, arduous job. Hang on, I have to go beat a slacker.


Again, I. Am. Just. Kidding.

For the rest of the crew who are beating the living crap out of their hands on this boat - just remember the words of Lance Murdock "wounds heal, chicks dig scars, and the United States of America has the greatest doctor to daredevil ratio in the world. Nurse, I'm ready for my sponge bath."

I'll take "they don't get it" for 500, Alex.


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