Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mini-HORNET on the move!

Yesterday we recieved confirmation of a new exhibition for Mini-HORNET - our promotional 1:12 scale mock-up of the historic sloop of war. She won't be travelling far - in fact she's staying in Norfolk, but I want to bring her back to the Dockyard for some upgrades. What are we going to do? Here's a possible work list (it's not final) -

- construction of boats and associated equipment.

- overhaul of companionway structures.

- rigging of carronades and addition of implements, etc.

- flags and flag halyards - 15-star national ensign, Hornet's "free trade and sailors' rights!" battle flag, first navy jack, flags representing principle supporters/donors and affiliates

- striping of the forward faces of all sails.

- re-manufacture of the mizzen royal and fore topsail.

- installation of proper belaying pins vice plain rods.

We'll see how much of that we actually get done - I get the feeling she'll continue to be a work in progress.


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