Friday, July 29, 2011

Stay cool, honey bunny

And survey says no, most of you don't get the movie reference.  I can't watch these for you folks!

After we spent last weekend inside cowering from the heat, do you think we could possibly do it again this weekend?  NO!  We're on the move this weekend which means our perspiration-dripping work crew is going to be spreading their ofactory oasis all over this fine commonwealth of ours.  And where will we end up?  Why, Richmond, of course!  Mini-HORNET, our 1:12 scale mock-up, is on the move to the Virginia War Memorial in the heart of Downtown Richmond.  Why the Memorial?  Well first - WHY NOT? and second because of the folks who made it possible.

Our friends in the Richmond Council Navy League, who have been ardent supporters of the USS HORNET Project almost from the start, used their relationship with the Memorial to suggest Mini-HORNET as an appropriate display venue.  Working with Jon Hatfield, Executive Director of the Memorial, representatives of the Richmond Council led by Mr. Dave Vachet, of their Board of Directors, worked out a plan to support the display.  Now, NHS volunteers have sprung into action to make the necessary logistics happen.

That said, we're in for a busy weekend.  Tonight the Dockyard will be open quite late as we prepare Mini-HORNET for the move early tomorrow morning.  The trailer carrying the model should be on site at 10 am and movement and assembly to begin soon after.

Mini-HORNET will be on display at the Memorial until August 12th, so come on out and visit a great memorial and see Mini-HORNET if you've not yet had that chance!


Our second edition of The Pennant is in for editing (it's all about the small victories) and will be released on schedule, next Monday.  Stay tuned!


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