Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Trip - soviet style?

Yes, that's right - it's time again for me to start getting ready to pack up and start driving all over creation on schedules that make truck drivers wince.  And Mini-HORNET is going to be travelling a bit, too.  First, I think I've beaten to death that she'll be on display at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott for the Association of Defense Communities annual conference on July 18-20.  We'll need volunteers to help move on the 17th and again on the 20th, both in the evenings.  After that, she'll be travelling up to Richmond on July 30th, where she'll be on display for two weeks at the Virginia War Memorial in the heart of Downtown Richmond.  It's an exciting schedule and we have lots to get ready.  We also have a few tricks up our sleeve.

When moving something as overly complex as Mini-HORNET long distance, the result is a combination of typical road trip, with the addition of a tight schedule, and a high-energy move at each end.  This is one situation when our best volunteers show their sand, and make things really fun.  And while things aren't always 'trying to drive while eating a soft taco' sort of 'fun' they are certainly enjoyable.  Last time I most enjoyed the suggestion of one of our volunteers that they should stack themselves like cordwood in the trailer next to the hull of Mini-HORNET as a sort of human bumper to keep it safe.  Um, no.  But I like where your mind is headed.  I can see the NHS posters now: 'Sacrifice self for the good of all! - or at least Mini-HORNET!'  'Abolish the wages system!' 'All power to NHS!'

Lauren, you know you got a serious chuckle out of that.


This Sunday we'll be working in the Dockayrd on the last minute details and arrangements to get Mini-HORNET ready for the ADC conference.  I'll be out of town next week, so we need to be ready by the end of the day Sunday.

We also have an additional call out for an elite crew for Monomoy No. 1 next Monday evening.  If you're in, rodger up and stand by for more instructions.


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