Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July FULLBORE FRIDAY!!!

Because the computer is the last thing I'll be working on this weekend: Happy Independence Day! Be safe, have fun - after all, that's what NHS is all about.


There have been a couple of really fun videos out lately. One came out just this morning from Navy Recruiting Command, and was posted on Facebook. Public speaking has evolved a great deal in recent days, and I dare say we are reaching more of our younger sailors than ever. As I've recently pointed out, humor is a great teaching tool.

Another video, recently posted on a respected and highly dependable news outlet, unveils new research concerning the Star Spangled Banner. As it turns out, Francis Scott Key had some serious anger issues when it came to the British. Or possibly he was just a product of his time. In either case, this just goes to show you that there are some very interesting things yet to be learned from our history.


One week until the Blackbeard Pirate Festival! As one of our sailors recently pointed out, this year we're going to start calling it, the Pirate Abuse Festival.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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