Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are off and running with a router!

Despite the festivities this weekend we managed to get some work done around the Dockyard. That said, I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant holiday weekend.
First, I did some more work toward the Dockyard makeover. The Framing Bay now has a fresh coat of paint, new sash boards, and drip edges. Also fixed that broken window pane.
Second, the 25-foot Launch is officially on the fast track. After six weeks of fairing, trimming, measuring and re-measuring, we have started full throttle into the laminations. Her inner keel is clamped up right now, and framing stock has been ripped. We are well on track to meet our next major milestone, completion of the inner keel laminations by this Friday.
The next major milestone is lamination and bevelling of all 32 inner frames by September 1. I'm sending out the requisition for a trailer to be delivered and ready in all respects by November 15. Now all we need is a little hustle, and we'll be there in no time!
The Pirate Abuse Festival is this coming weekend! We have training sessions at the Dockyard tonight and tomorrow. If we have enough participation tomorrow we WILL launch the boat, so come on out!
We definately have some fun times ahead!

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