Thursday, July 1, 2010

The materials to carry out our mission -

All week we've been recieving shipments of supplies and material in preparation for the Blackbeard Pirate Festival, which starts a week from tomorrow. For those who haven't been out to the Dockyard, here's a quick summary of some of the things now floating around:

4 cutlasses
2 flintlock pistols
5 flintlock muskets
68 blank rounds for flintlock muskets, allocated for training
3 boarding pikes
1 light gun, 3 pdr
1 bell, brass 10"
1 30 minute glass on hanging bracket
10 straw sailor hats
8 tarred sailor hats
6 pair white fall-front trousers
9 sailor shirts, nondescript
300 feet 5/8" manilla line
8 lbs tarred marline
16 snap shackles, assorted sizes
3 navy-type boat anchors, PVC coated
2 danforth boat anchors, with chain rodes
2 "Grand Union" British Flags

We are still waiting on the following shipments:
10 blue sailor jackets
12 ribbon tallies, embroidered
8 pr sailor slops
400 blank rounds for flintlock firearms, for use at festival
600 passes declaring bearer "not a pirate, free to pass"
50 passes declaring bearer "known pirate, hang when captured"

We don't remember what happened to the case of porn.


The Monomoy Pulling Boat is ready for sea in all respects...


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